Aware -September Lecture

Professor Mark Morgan PhD, Cregan Professor of Education & Psychology, St Patrick’s College, Dublin will present:

“Resilience as a Way through Adversity:Recent Developments in Research”

On Wednesday, September 14th at 7.30pm in the Swift Centre, St. Patrick’s Hospital, James’s St., Dublin 8.

About this Lecture

Traditionally resilience was thought of as personality features that characterised some people and enabled them to survive even difficult adverse circumstances.  This presentation will consider new developments highlighting the personal and social factors that help people when confronted with challenging experiences.  Attention will be given to a range of situations in which resilience is especially relevant including experiences in childhood, in work and in relation to mental health challenges.

Aware  lectures are  free-of-charge to attend and all are welcome to attend. Lectures take place the second Wednesday of every month at the Lecture Theatre, Swift Centre, St. Patrick’s Hospital, James’s St., Dublin 8.

Lectures start at 7.30pm however we advise that you arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you are seated comfortably. Paid parking is available in the St. Patrick’s Hospital car park (entrance via Steeven’s Lane); alternatively, take the Luas (red line) to Heuston Station and walk (map to St. Patrick’s Hospital).

Aware lectures are recorded and are available online in video and audio format each month.

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Positive Visibility Matters – Help share TENI’s new video ‘I Am’

 A message from TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone Dear friends, Positive visibility is at the core of what TENI does. We know that by telling our own stories we can change the hearts and minds of Irish society. I’m delighted to share TENI’s new short film ‘I Am’. This is a conversational piece about gender identity and provides a snapshot of the lives of four Irish trans people.

(Sara from ‘I Am’)

Trans people, like everyone else, want to live authentic lives. Our experiences cannot be reduced to stereotypes or to one dimensional caricatures. We hope this video will help educate and create awareness about the diversity of our experiences.

This year will be an important one for trans rights. Ireland is still the only country in the EU that has no provision for legal gender recognition. Although the Government has committed to introducing legislation by the end of this year, it is incredibly important that we keep the pressure on.

Gender Recognition legislation is about more than changing birth certificates. It’s about the legal recognition and acknowledgement of who we truly are. In the coming months TENI will continue to advocate for inclusive and human rights based legislation. It’s integral that this new law reflects our lived realities.

Please share this video widely with your friends, family and colleagues.

We need your help to build positive visibility and keep trans rights on the political agenda.

Positive visibility matters.

Broden Giambrone

A NOTE OF THANKS: TENI Would also like to thank everyone who was involved in the production of this short film. A special thanks to Anna Rodgers and Zlata Filipovic. Big thanks to Sara, Phillipa, Jessica and Sam for sharing their stories.

This video would not have been possible without the generous support from The Atlantic Philanthropies, Sigrid Rausing Trust and Open Society Foundations.